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Roseville Alano Club Grill


Delicious Food Items available for Dine In / Take Out

*All burgers and sandwiches come with lettuce, onion, pickle, tomato, &  condiments.   Fries can be substituted for Onion Rings*  

                                       NO PHONE ORDERS


Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich


Short Stack 

(2) Pancakes, French Toast or Belgian Waffles


Breakfast Sandwich 

served on a muffin with sausage, 

bacon or ham with egg and cheese


Two eggs, you call it

(Includes potatoes and toast)


Two eggs ….. 

with either bacon, ham or sausage 

(Includes potatoes & toast)


Big Breakfast Burrito

A large tortilla wrap, with beef or sausage, 

potatoes, grated cheese, eggs & sour cream


Cheese Omelet

(Includes potatoes and toast)


Meat and Cheese Omelet

(Includes potatoes and toast)


Meat, Cheese, and Veggie Omelet

(Includes potatoes and toast)


Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs 

(Includes Country Gravy, potatoes & toast)


Cheese Quesadilla

Large flour tortilla shell w/cheese

$2.75 (add meat +$2.70)

extra cheese, extra gravy, hash browns  .65¢

Side Orders


French Fries ………….  $3.30

Onion Rings …………..  $3.30

Candy Bars  ……………  $1.00

Bag of Chip  ……………      .75¢

One egg  …………..…….      .80¢

Two eggs .……………….  $1.50

Toast (2) ………………...  $1.95

Hash Browns ….....….  $2.35

Ham or Bacon …...…   $2.70

Sausage/Meat Patty  $2.70

Biscuits and  Gravy .. $4.75

Ice Cream Bowl  .......  $1.80

(Choc., Strawberry or Vanilla)


 > Coffee or House Brewed Ice Tea 

$1.00  (12 oz) or $1.25 (16 oz)

(refills .25¢ up to 4)

 > Hot Tea / Hot Cocoa / Chai Tea

$1.00 (No refills)

 > Sodas

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Cherry Coke, 7-Up Diet 7-Up, Diet Cherry Coke, 


 > Bottled Water, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Milk (12 oz)


 > Bottled Ice Tea, Juice, Milk or Gatorade (16 oz)


 > Rock Stars


 > Milk Shake

(Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla)


 > Brain Freeze Drinks   

(Strawberry, Cherry, Orange, Pineapple Tigers Blood, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Grape)


Lunch / Dinner

Big Book Burger

with chips $4.75

(add cheese 50¢, add bacon $1.00)

Serenity Burger

Includes cheeseburger topped with egg, 

bacon, and grilled onions

with chips $5.95, with Fries $9.30

(Extras 50¢)

Meal Deal Special #1   

Hamburger, Fries & Soda.


(add cheese 50¢, add bacon $1.00)

Meal Deal Special   #2

Cowboy Burger

Hamburger, topped with bacon, 

Onion rings, cheese, & BBQ sauce 

w/ Fries & Soda.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

With Chips $3.90, With Fries $5.95

(add Ham for $1.00 or extras for 50¢)

BLT Sandwich

Simple and delicious. Crisp bacon.

On you choice of bread

With Chips $5.95, With Fries $6.60

Alano Club Sandwich

Turkey, Ham and Bacon w/ cheese, lettuce 

& tomatoes & choice of bread.

With Chips $6.90, With Fries $9.20

(To-Go containers = .50¢, 

Cups = .10¢ small / .25¢ large)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Our new chicken sandwich includes tomato,   

lettuce and mayo on a hamburger bun

with chips $5.00, with Fries $6.50

(add cheese .50¢, add bacon $1.00)

Big Philly Cheese Steak

Our Philly is loaded with grilled onions

and peppers w/cheese on a hoagie roll

with chips $6.30, with Fries $8.10

Chicken Strips

2 Breaded Chicken Tenderloins served with 

your choice of dipping sauces and enjoy 

them with some chip or fries.

with chips $5.95, with Fries $7.80

Buffalo Wings

Grab a plate full of buffalo wings with a  

zesty sauce and you choice of ranch 

or blue cheese dressing.


Super Beef Tacos

Large ground beef Taco in a flour tortilla. 

shell with all the fixings.

$4.00 for 1 or $7.50 for 2

All American Hot Dog

With Chips $2.10, With Fries $3.90

House Salad

With lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and your 

choice of salad dressing.


Chef Salad

Full of Turkey, ham, bacon, tomatoes, 

olives, hard boiled eggs & cheese with

choice of salad dressings.