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Nominations and Election Governance

Annually the members of the Roseville Alano Club (RAC) elect individuals to serve on the RAC Board of Directors for the one-year term and an official Call for Nominations for Open Positions on the RAC Board of Directors is published / mailed.  Elections take place 10/19/19 at 1 P.M..

                                         YOU MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE TO VOTE!!

The Call for Nominations provides valuable information on the nomination and election process including action items and timeline.

Board member duties are defined in the Bylaws of the Club, Article VI, and the election process is governed by Article V, Section 2.  

To better understand the roles and obligations of an elected Director, and for further details on the nomination and election process, carefully read our By-Laws.

How YOU may be of Service

Board service requires great effort and a significant time commitment. At minimum, the annual time commitment will include participation in monthly board meetings - each approximately one hour in length. Directors may also need to dedicate additional time for required professional development as needed. 

Become a Volunteer; See Staff for details!

2018 – 2019 Board of Directors current Member Positions

Roseville Alano Club

President ................. Michelle R     

Vice President ..........Travis A   

Secretary ................. Pattie D    

Treasurer ................. Cathy N  

Maintenance ............ Vacant

Membership ............ Heather M

Entertainment .......   Dawna M

Member at Large ...  Steve W

Member at Large ...  Leroy H

Thursday, October 31st - Starting @ 6 p.m.

Potluck Party

Come and enjoy a safe & sober night of Partying and Feasting with US at the Club.  

Want to bring a dish, let us add it to the list.

Yes, there will be a Costume Contest!!!


sunday morning buffet $8.35

Some of the B'fast Items

  • Fresh orange / apple juice & Freshly brewed coffee SOLD separately
  • Freshly sliced fruit
  • Pastries, breads and rolls biscuits + gravy
  • Toast with margarine, butter +  jams 
  • Eggs - however, you prefer
  • Bacon / Sausages
  • Buttermilk pancakes
  • Glazed ham 
  • Hash brown potatoes 
  • French toast 
  • Cereal 

Begins @ 7:30 a.m until done

 Our breakfast buffet offers many various delicacies to choose from. There’s something for everyone – visitors from abroad and locals alike. As our breakfast buffet is very popular and primarily for members, guests are more than welcomed.  

join us for mnf games

                                               REMINISCE: First Monday Night Game .... NY Giants vs Cleveland Browns .....  September 21, 1970